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Caller Verify is a SaaS product that enhances the security of call centers and help desks by extending Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to verify callers. It aims to improve the caller experience by eliminating the use of weak security questions, reducing average handle time for caller verification, and providing a unified verification across all channels. This can provide a NIST compliant factor of caller verification to reduce the risk of impersonation fraud.

Caller Verify extends Okta to provide a unified verification experience across all channels including: online, mobile, call center, and chat bots.  It is a versatile solution that can be easily integrated into an organization's existing systems. With this capability, organizations can maintain a consistent level of security across all of their channels, helping to prevent unauthorized access and mitigate security risks.

Our customers have reported that not only has Caller Verify improved their caller experience, but has also improved the help desk analysts experience as they no longer need to frustrate callers with annoying security questions.  This simplified analyst experience has reduced turnover and saved organizations training costs.

Patents for Caller Verify are currently pending, which demonstrates the level of innovation and uniqueness behind the product. 

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