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Our Background

Caller Verify was born out of our work in the Financial services industry. After implementing MFA protections for online and mobile banking fraudsters targeted the weakest link of the call center. We extended that familiar factor of authentication to verify callers to the call center! Which resulted in a better experience for both the caller and the call center agents AND enhanced security!

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User Experience 

Enhance your customers experience with a simple one touch verification, providing your customers with the user experience they deserve. Reduce verification friction and help your customers with their needs faster than ever.

Risk Management

Through multi-factor authentication your customers information is protected. Ensure compliance with the CRTC regulations by verifying your customers before they port phone numbers.

Call Center Experience

Provide your customers with a simple experience when contacting your IVR and reduce average handle time by verifying callers in less than 30 seconds.

Unified Verification

Your brand is built on consistency and enhanced by security. Create one familiar unified experience across online, mobile AND the Call center!

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