Have You Ever Received a Call From Chinese language Robocalls?

  • Reporter

Scammers are flooding the United States with Chinese-language robocalls. It is the most annoying thing in the world. The new Chinese-language version of these calls targets immigrants. The robocalls deliver a recorded message claiming to be from the Chinese consulate, saying the recipient is in trouble with Chinese officials, or sometimes that a package is waiting at the Chinese consulate that needs to be picked up.

Then, the robocall asks for a deposit or fee, demanding a credit-card number or bank information. The important thing to remember is that sales robocalls are illegal in the United States. 

The scammers are also upping the ante with a trick called “spoofing” where their number is fake and look like they’re coming from a familiar number, nearby area code, your hometown or in this case, the Chinese consulate.  The Federal Communications Commission issued an alert on this.

A few tips:

  • Never give money to any caller demanding it.
  • Use an app or try your carrier for free services to block out calls.
  • Explore block number phone option on your phone directly.
  • Block numbers that hit you with repeated robocalls.
  • Sign up for the federal Do Not Call list.